Who is it aimed at?

Art and Enterprise is a morning session aimed at adults who are interested in making high quality items to sell at craft sales, Open Houses and on our online Etsy shop.
Participants will use a range of techniques such as; printing, stencilling, collage, screen printing, weaving, applique, painting and creating original designs.

What actually happens in the sessions?

Our sessions are designed to facilitate learning through researching and exploring the retail calendar and developing product ideas. We will create various products to sell throughout the year.
This project encourages ICT skills, physical skills and understanding of dealing with people and using money. Importance is placed on developing positive and productive relationships through working as part of a team.
The group also enjoys experimenting with animation techniques to make short films. These films incorporate story-writing, character design, hands-on animation and also IT skills. We use a laptop to capture and process the images and then edit the various shots together to add sound and visual effects to produce the final product.