Who is it aimed at?

‘Express Yourself’ is aimed at participants who wish to  explore their own creative ideas.

What actually happens in the sessions?

We have a variety of activities running under our heading of ‘Express Yourself’ on Thursdays. These include 3D work and prop making, experimental art using a variety of art mediums, clay and ceramic work and collaborating with other community groups. We also have two performance groups in the afternoon who do a combination of music, dance and singing.
The group also enjoys experimenting with animation techniques to make short films. These films incorporate story-writing, character design, hands-on animation and also IT skills. We use a laptop to capture and process the images and then edit the various shots together to add sound and visual effects to produce the final product.
We upload our films to our Youtube channel which you can look at here;

Participants benefit from improved social skills, encouraging positive relationships with new friends, instructors and volunteers and develop a growing social and support network for themselves and their families.