Who is it aimed at?

Express and Create is a full day session aimed at adults who like a quiet group and who enjoy fine motor skill work like sewing, embroidery, felting, drawing, prop making and creating stories for short films.

What actually happens in the sessions?

We cover a variety of topics and activities in this group.
We make 3D props and costumes for the drama group and taking part in local carnivals.
We also design and create a range of handmade products for sale, including woven bags, keyrings and wreaths for selling at Open Houses and our own sales.
The group enjoys experimenting with animation techniques to make short films. These films incorporate story-writing, character design, hands-on animation and also IT skills. We use a laptop to capture and process the images and then edit the various shots together to add sound and visual effects to produce the final product.
We upload our films to our Youtube channel which you can look at here;