Who is it aimed at?

Superstar Chef is a weekly 2.5 hr session aimed at adults who would like to learn to cook and enjoy working in the kitchen and trying new things.
We can also work on more simple recipes for those who are living independently, including healthy eating options and alternatives.

What actually happens in the sessions?

Our cooking groups explore all aspects of cooking and working in the kitchen safely.

On Mondays and Wednesdays our group explores different recipes from around the world and eats and/or takes home what they have made.

On Thursdays our group cooks for a large group of participants and staff.
They take orders from our various groups at West Worthing Baptist Church, and regularly cook for 10 to 15 paying customers.
They also make cakes and buffet food for Superstar Arts fundraisers and events.

We ensure all of our chefs follow and learn the health, safety and hygiene rules of the kitchen.