Express Yourself

Who is it aimed at?

‘Express Yourself’ is aimed at participants who wish to  explore their own creative ideas.

What actually happens in the sessions?

We have a variety of activities running under our heading of ‘Express Yourself’ on Thursdays. These include 3D work and prop making, experimental art using a variety of art mediums, clay and ceramic work and collaborating with other community groups. We also have two performance groups in the afternoon who do a combination of music, dance and singing.

Participants benefit from improved social skills, encouraging positive relationships with new friends, instructors and volunteers and develop a growing social and support network for themselves and their families.

Working on their own stop motion animation
Painting a large patterned paper to be used in the parade for the Worthing Rotary Carnival


”Poppy’s Pop Up Pub” where we sold chicken curry and pop cocktails to over 50 people !
Painting work for her portfolio