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Animation project

Each Animation Project runs for a ten-week period, with one three-hour session per week. There are a maximum of six places on each course, which is offered in partnership with Sussex Learning Solutions.

Participants learn the whole process of creating an animation from start to finish. We begin by discussing possible storylines, creating characters and developing themes. Once the story is in place, props and costumes are designed and created.

Bringing the animation into production involves learning about different film and photography techniques, working alongside a professional graphic artist and animator. There is a great combination of technical skills, like using photographic editing software, together with the creative side, involving role-play and acting.

Students from the National Film and Television School will be on hand to provide advice and guidance and help with the final production.

Everyone gets the time and space they need to learn new technical skills, including the use of computers and technology in a creative way. Participants develop their story telling ability, using verbal and non-verbal communication to express their thoughts and ideas.

There is a great team ethic on the course, helping individuals to develop group-working skills, and see their work contributing to the overall project. Most of all though, you will have fun, make new friends and create a short film at the end of it!
Superstar Arts first animation project - The owl, the cat and the unicorn.
The Animation Project in 2013 created a short film with the support of graphic artist and animator Steve Thornton. The group will be submitting the film for the Oska Bright film festival.

The Superstar animation group first created a story board, then designed and made their own characters. They made the scenery, sound effects and titles....with a little bit of support and guidance from us.....one morning a week over the 10 week course.
Many thanks to Steve for his help with this project. See Steve's showreel here:
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