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Creative project

Each Creative Project runs for a ten-week period, with one three-hour session per week. There are a maximum of ten places on each course, which is offered in partnership with Sussex Learning Solutions.

Participants use visual and performing arts to explore universal themes. Each ten-week course will focus on one of the following: hopes and dreams, cycle of life, identity or utopia. See below to see which one appeals to you.

People engage with the project at their own pace, using story telling, reminiscing and role-play, developing their own ideas and helping to shape the course’s development.

As the themes and ideas are explored, members are encouraged to visualise and realise them through the tutored use of a range of media, including photography, printing, painting, collage and animation. Everyday issues such as health, social integration and emotional and mental wellbeing are discussed as they arise.

At the end of the project, participants’ work is exhibited at St Paul’s centre, and a special celebration evening is held, including a performance from the Superstar Arts choir, and with local dignitaries in attendance.
Hopes and Dreams
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My Hopes and Dreams – cards, portraits and illustrations.
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Enlarged figures using projections and photocopies.
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Collage and mixed media – The Big Tree, to hang our dreams on.
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Post Box for exhibition visitors to post their hopes and dreams.
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Creative visualisation for stories and idea development.
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Comic Strip based on individual Hopes and Dreams.
Click on the thumbnails below to see examples
of the Hopes and Dreams project.
Cycle of Life
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Visits from people of different ages.
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Collage – timeline from birth to now.
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Card and mixed media – what are babies like?
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Plaster casting – feet of visitors and participants.
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Photographic portraits – How we are now’.
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Seven ages of man –Shakespearean circle of life.
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Drawing and conversation – dealing with loss.
Click on the thumbnails below to see examples
of the Cycle of Life project.
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String knots – who knows who.
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Big bodies – drawing around bodies.
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Personal Symbols – using Adinkra symbols as inspiration.
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Portraits – what makes you laugh?
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Vox Pop video – my childhood.
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Comic strip and photography – scenes from our past
and imaginations.
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The ‘Big Brother Chair’ – questions and expressions of identity.
Click on the thumbnails below to see examples
of the Identity project.
Utopia - In an Ideal World
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Creative visualisation – imagining an ideal place.
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White cube – make a safe place.
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Drawing, collage and screen printing – designing new buildings.
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Mini environments - building with vegetables, mash and mini figures.
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In an ideal world, I would be…
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Drama and role-play – how people would behave in my ideal world.
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When worlds collide – photo collage on managing conflict.
Click on the thumbnails below to see examples
of the Ideal world exhibition.
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