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We deliver art, music and drama workshops on Saturday afternoons at various locations in Worthing. Check the What’s On section of the website for details on what’s coming up.

Each art workshop has its own theme, and participants engage in a range of activities including screen-printing, mask making, paper skills, cartooning and collage. The groups experiment with their own ideas using different materials
and techniques.

Music workshops are delivered by Superstar Arts alongside professional musicians and composers. We experiment with different sounds, including percussion and vocals and the group writes, creates and records a simple song that is then produced by our in-house sound engineer and composer and given to members on CD.
Discover the actor in you! Drama workshops involve story telling, creating characters and role-play. We make our own costumes and props and act out the dramas we create.

Holiday Workshops
During school holidays, we offer a series of one-day workshops, typically lasting five and a half hours. Different themes will be chosen for each workshop, covering music, art and drama. Recent workshops have included:
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Make a movie in a day!
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Print me!
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Be in a band!
These workshops are expanded in the summer into two day programmes. Check the 'What’s On' section of the website for details.
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