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Transition Programme
Who is it aimed at?
The Transition Programme is aimed at school leavers aged 18+ with learning disabilities. Its objective is to ease the transition from an educational environment into adult life.
What actually happens in the session?
Engaging in Creative Activities. Developing Self-Awareness.
Transition aims to assist participants to adjust to adult provision and explore the community, using local transport and public facilities, building confidence and self-esteem. Participants are encouraged to express ideas, opinions, and preferences through creative means. learning occurs through experimentation, questioning and discovery;

Mini Enterprise activities.
Practical tasks and processes such as, printed products such as cushions, books and baby grows are used to encourage small group co-operative working skills, developing interpersonal skills and positive relationships. Literacy and money handling exercises, build on knowledge in real life situations.

Community Participation Skills.
The programme helps students prepare for adult life by developing social skills and the ability to form positive, productive relationships. As well as making new friendships and building independence, participants learn essential life skills, travel training, enabling them to move into the adult world and forge links with the wider community.
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